ABOUT THE #BINfluencers

 The #BINfluencers are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering a sustainable community through landfill diversion.
We bring private and public stakeholders together to support a more circular economy and prevent our landfills from filling up.


The #BINfluencer Education Campaign

Millennium Recycling, Inc. is leading the effort to improve participation in local recycling and waste diversion, in the bin and beyond!
You’ll see their billboards, TV, and social media ads around the community, encouraging you to be a #BINfluencer.

Across the nation, diversion goals are being set at 50% or higher, but the Sioux Falls rate is only 20.5%.
Join the #BINfluencers and Millennium Recycling, Inc. to improve this rate!

Our Story

Over the Years


The Ecomaniacs rebranded as “The #BINfluencers“, with an expanded mission to bring together organizations from all aspects of waste diversion


With events across the community being cancelled during the pandemic, the strategic decision was made to discontinue event clean-up services and refocus on fulfilling the original mission of education


The “Trash Talkers” rebranded as the “Ecomaniacs” to support other local non-profits and continue recycling education, funding over 2,200 volunteers working more than 1,100 hours to increase the average recycling rate at events from less than 25% in 2014 to 48% in 2019


After the Sioux Falls Green Project dissolved, Millennium Recycling, Inc. stepped in to sponsor the program and ensure it continued


Began as the Sioux Falls Green Project’s “Trash Talkers”, providing litter cleanup and recycling education at community events in Sioux Falls

Thank You To Our


Millennium Recycling, Inc.

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Stephanie Gongopoulos
Jake Anderson
Vice President / Secretary
Troy Lambert

Members at Large
Marissa Begley
Angela Corbo Gier
Stacey McMahan
Bruce Williams

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